The real-time guidance during the surgeries by the experts

Telesurgery Services

Availing eLearning services and second opinions for surgical procedures in real-time directly from the operation theatre enable professionals in isolated and resource limited health facilities to perform high-quality surgeries in medically underserved locations. This eliminates the need for patients to travel long distance to avail surgical health care services and saves them from unnecessary travel-related expenses. Furthermore, health professionals benefitting from eLearning services in telesurgery are able to build their capacity without having to leave their work places, which is beneficial in settings where there is already a shortage of health care workers.

The Telesurgery 3D display provides surgeons located in different health facilities around the world with a shared, high-definition visual, facilitating collaboration amongst surgeons in real-time and helping improve surgical accuracy and reducing chances of errors. Telesurgery services not only help improve surgical patient care, but also act as an eLearning tool in medical education for surgical students and professionals, enabling profound real-time interaction among surgeons.

Telesurgery in Kyrgyz Republic

In May 2017, a comprehensive, hybrid telesurgery solution was implemented in Kyrgyz Republic, as component the AKDN Digital Health Programme in South-Central Asia, with an aim to empower health care professionals in Bishkek and Naryn to perform telesurgeries and conduct eLearning sessions directly from the operation theatre, allowing surgeons at the National Surgery Centre in Bishkek to record surgeries and share with health care professionals at the Naryn Oblast Merged Hospital, Naryn and build capacity through eLearning.

Telesurgery in Tanzania

In July 2019, telesurgery services for eLearning were implemented in East Africa at the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam. This marks the first time telesurgery services have been implemented in East Africa through the AKDN Digital Health Programme.

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