The Digital Health Innovation Lab

Digital Health Innovation Lab: Fusion of Technology and Research

The Digital Health Innovation Lab

AKDN dHRC established its Innovation Lab in 2014. The Innovation Lab fosters ideation, design, development, testing and implementation in effort to support development of innovative digital health device and application. Multidisciplinary teams of engineers, researchers, mobile and web programmers and designers conduct rigorous, evidence-based research to address health care challenges of underserved, marginalized populations in low- and middle-income countries.

During 2018, the Lab acquired a 3D printer to further advance its scope through in-house production of health care devices at a low-cost. As a result of interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research, in 2019, AKDN dHRC in collaboration with the Aga Khan University, filed multiple patents in the USA and Pakistan.

Patent applications were filed for the Epidural Chair, a Maternal Sensor, a Smart Mattress, a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) and the Hayat Application Architecture. Additionally, the Multipurpose Scope and Surgical Tray patents were also granted in 2019.

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