Sa Re Ga Ma - Platform for Institution-wide Grant Application Management

Overtime, grant management has become more complicated with meticulous guidelines and requirements in both pre- and post-award periods. Exploring opportunities, assessing eligibility and evaluation criteria, preparing grant proposal applications and final submission through collaboration among team members, including principal investigators, co-investigators, grant and administrative managers and support team personnel, to ensure timely submission requires extensive collaboration and paperwork. Similarly, tracking and managing the grant after it is awarded is also challenging with interdisciplinary teams, with members often located in different locations across the world.

Amidst these requirements are internal institutional requirements, adding an additional layer of prerequisites prior to applying for a grant. AKU’s interdepartmental requirements and approvals make the process demanding, which often leads to difficulties in meeting tight, competing deadlines for applications.

The System for Research and Grants Management (Sa Re Ga Ma), developed by AKDN dHRC in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (AKUH, K), aims to make the pre- and post-award grant application process seamless and efficient. Sa Re Ga Ma assigns user-based rights according to team member roles, which allows users to conveniently manage the application development and post-award process.

Through the application, users are able to upload multiple versions of documents; view and download documents; and keep track of progress of the grant application along with donor reporting. A useful feature of the application is that it generates notifications to concerned team members when an action is taken on a proposal. After a grant is awarded, users can also manage post-award documents like agreements, ethical review applications, budgets and grant extensions.

Since June 2018, Sa Re Ga Ma was in the testing phase at the Centre of Excellence in Women and Child Health, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health at AKUH, K. After further customisation and debugging, the application was officially launched in January 2019.

Sa Re Ga Ma aims to simplify the pre- and post-award grant application and management process. It has the capacity to be implemented in any entity or department with a need to organize research projects, proposal documents and track status of grants.

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